Is Samsung A13 5G Worth Buying in 2023?

As the smartphone landscape continues to evolve, we turn our attention to the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and its relevance in 2023. More than a year after its launch in December 2021, we assess whether the device, positioned in the budget segment, remains an attractive one. Choice amid increasing competition.

Despite its initial low price, the success of the Galaxy A13 5G can be attributed to the mix of attractive features, impressive discounts, and the value it offers for its price. Join us in this review as we highlight its performance, user experience, and market position to determine whether it still retains its attractiveness and usefulness in the current smartphone landscape.

Samsung A13: Display

The Samsung Galaxy A13 5G boasts a generously sized 6.5-inch display, which, paired with its 90Hz refresh rate, adds an appealing touch of fluidity to its visual experience. This elevated refresh rate, a rather surprising feature at its launch, imparts a sense of premium quality that goes beyond the device’s price point. The 720p resolution, while a limitation, doesn’t hold back Samsung’s efforts to optimize visual quality.

Samsung A13

Remarkably, the display manages to deliver crisp and clear visuals, potentially leading one to mistake it for a 1080p screen due to Samsung’s adept optimization. With a pixel density of 270 PPI and a sleek 20:9 aspect ratio, the display encompasses an impressive 81.1% screen-to-body ratio, contributing to an immersive viewing experience that enhances the Galaxy A13 5G’s appeal.

Samsung A13: Design

The design language of the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G follows a familiar blueprint, featuring a thick bottom bezel and a discreet waterdrop notch at the top. The design, while not groundbreaking, serves as a testament to Samsung’s practical approach. Similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy A12, this design strategy underlines Samsung’s recognition that reliability and functionality are paramount in the budget smartphone segment.

While aesthetics may not redefine style, the Galaxy A13 5G shines where it counts most: delivering a reliable and practical smartphone experience. The large 6.5-inch display further enhances this functionality, enhancing readability and immersive media consumption. Notably, this extended display does not compromise the pocket-friendliness of the device, ensuring that users can take advantage of the larger screen without sacrificing portability.

Samsung A13: Camera

The front camera on the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G sports a 5-megapixel resolution, which captures great selfies and features facial recognition for seamless device access. For an in-depth exploration of its camera performance, I recommend watching my full review video on my channel. The smartphone offers 64GB of internal storage, which is a commendable baseline for a budget device.

Samsung A13

When needed, microSD card expansion provides an efficient means of increasing storage capacity and accommodating photos and videos. The absence of wireless charging is compensated by the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor within the power button, which provides a quick and secure unlocking method. Additionally, Face Unlock adds another layer of convenience.

At the back, the Galaxy A13 5G sports a triple-camera configuration. The 50-megapixel primary sensor is complemented by a 2-megapixel macro lens and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, which enables portrait mode functionality for both the front and rear cameras. While the absence of an ultra-wide-angle lens is expected in this segment, the camera setup delivers respectable results for everyday photography and social media sharing.

The camera app provides easy access to various shooting modes including macro and portrait, while 1080p video recording capabilities contribute to its versatile multimedia capabilities. Overall, the Galaxy A13 5G offers a remarkable mix of camera versatility and storage capacity that meshes well with the budget smartphone landscape.


Equipped with 4 GB of RAM and powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G seamlessly combines sufficient memory and 5G network compatibility. In the context of 2023, while 5G isn’t necessarily a must-have, investing in a device that aligns with your carrier’s evolving network infrastructure remains a prudent choice. Performance-wise, the Galaxy A13 5G satisfactorily handles fundamental tasks such as calls, texts, light social media, video streaming, and occasional gaming. However, for heavy multitaskers and power users who demand more, limitations may become evident.

The phone’s robust 5000 milliamp-hour battery ensures impressive longevity, readily providing a day or potentially two days of usage. Facilitating convenience, 15-watt fast charging support offers efficient recharging, although investing in a 15-watt charger is recommended to unlock its full potential and accelerate recharging times.

Some More Features

Incorporating NFC functionality, the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G caters to users who prioritize the convenience of mobile contactless payments, making it an attractive option for those looking for services such as Samsung Pay. The device flaunts a practical design that belies its budget-friendly status, primarily crafted from plastic with a glass display – a common standard in this segment. While the aesthetics may not venture into unprecedented territory, it serves its intended purpose admirably as a reliable, everyday smartphone.

An inspection of the hardware reveals a minimal but functional layout. The left side houses the microSD card and SIM card slot, while the right side houses the volume controls and fingerprint sensor/power button combination. The top of the device houses a noise-canceling microphone, and the bottom is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, a feature that is becoming increasingly rare in modern smartphones. A USB-C port for charging and data transfer completes the arrangement at the bottom, along with a speaker.

The back of the device, though simple, houses a triple-camera setup with a flash and the Samsung logo. The matte finish of the rear panel proves to be resistant to fingerprint smudges, which adds to the practicality of the device. Although the Galaxy A13 5G doesn’t boast of a revolutionary design, the thoughtful inclusion of features like NFC and a headphone jack, coupled with its aesthetics, caters well to its intended user base.


To wrap up my overview of the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G in 2023, it’s clear that while its design may not be groundbreaking, the device retains its practicality and reliability. One notable advantage is Samsung’s consistent commitment to providing a series of phones with ongoing Android updates. This translates to the assurance of receiving Android 13, 14, and potentially even Android 15 updates, making it a solid contender for those who value up-to-date software.

Considering its robust software support and impressive feature set, the Galaxy A13 5G remains a compelling option in the budget smartphone landscape. Evaluating your choices should also encompass assessing potential alternatives that might offer greater capabilities or enhanced affordability. Keep in mind the dynamic market, where promotions and deals may influence your decision-making process. Regardless, if you opt for the Galaxy A13 5G, you’re likely to find yourself content with your choice.

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