Should You Buy Google Pixel 6A at 25K in 2023?

Over time, there has been a gradual decline in the price, Pixel 6A price dropping below the 30,000 mark. At times, it was even available at 29,000 or even 28,000. However, for the very first time, it is now being offered at the attractive price of 24,999 rupees.

This raises the significant question of whether this price point makes sense in the year 2023, especially when considering it was previously discussed at 25,000 rupees.

First and foremost, the current price stands at 25,000 rupees, and it’s worth noting that you can potentially obtain it at an even lower cost thanks to bank discounts. Additionally, with the Big Billion Day Sale approaching, it’s likely that the price will see further reductions.

Taking these factors into account, it’s essential to consider both the strengths and weaknesses of the Google Pixel 6A. The key question to ponder is whether the drawbacks are significant enough to be deal-breakers at the 25,000 rupee price point.

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Pixel 6A Display and Battery

One of the most significant concerns with the Google Pixel 6A is its 8-bit, 60-hertz OLED display, which honestly falls short of what you might expect in this price range. Coming from a 120-hertz display, the difference is palpable. However, it’s not all negative. The Pixel 6A does offer some redeeming qualities, such as good colour reproduction, deep blacks, and HDR support in apps like Netflix. Nevertheless, considering the price point, one would typically expect a higher refresh rate display, as most phones in this category come with at least a 120-hertz AMOLED screen.

Another notable drawback is the absence of a charger in the box, with the device only supporting a maximum of 18-watt fast charging, which is notably slow by 2023 standards. On the bright side, the 4,400mAh battery manages to last a full day, so there are no issues on the battery front.

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Pixel 6A Performance

Moving on to the Tensor chipset, day-to-day usage on the Pixel 6A is smooth and responsive, providing a fast user experience. However, it falls short in high-end gaming capabilities, and this is where limitations become apparent. While games like BGMI run fine on HDR Ultra settings initially, the phone tends to heat up with prolonged gaming sessions.

This heating issue is not unique to the 6A and has been observed in other Pixel phones as well, likely due to the Samsung-made chipsets they use. Nevertheless, at this price point, the Tensor chipset might not be a deal-breaker for everyone. In benchmarks, it competes favourably, even surpassing the Snapdragon 778G Plus on some devices and coming close to the Snapdragon 888 on the GT2, which is still available at 25k.

Ultimately, not everyone is an intensive gamer, and for those users, the Pixel 6A delivers very good performance, making it a viable choice in its price range.

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Software Experience

Furthermore, where the Pixel 6A truly excels is in its software experience. As we all know, the Pixel experience is renowned for being the best Android experience available. It’s clean, free from bloatware, and boasts a sleek Pixel Launcher with an array of attractive widgets. Notably, it’s well-optimized, a crucial factor, given the device’s seamless performance. What sets it apart are the numerous exclusive Pixel features, such as “Now Playing,” Quick Tap, the impressive Google Recorder app, Magic Eraser, and more.

Despite the Pixel 6A being considered somewhat older since its launch in India last year, it still has two major OS updates ahead. It initially arrived with Android 12 and has already received the Android 13 update, with Android 15 undoubtedly in its future. Given its status as a Google phone, it enjoys the privilege of receiving updates on the very first day of rollout, a claim that no other phone can make. Additionally, it promises security updates until 2027.

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Another area where the Pixel 6A truly shines is its cameras. In the sub-25k price range, it unquestionably stands as the best camera phone, whether you’re into photography or videography. The photos showcase the signature Pixel style, with excellent details, spot-on exposure, and a well-balanced contrast that appeals to a broad audience.

Even the ultrawide camera impresses, a notable feat considering most mid-range devices produce average ultrawide shots. In comparison, even against the GT2, which boasts a 50-megapixel camera with OIS, the Pixel 6A’s photos emerge superior in nearly every aspect, especially in low-light conditions where the Pixel 6 shines. The video capabilities are also superior, with the ability to shoot 4K 60fps videos. Compared to the GT2, the 6A outperforms in terms of both quality and stability.

Not to be overlooked, the design at this 25k price point is quite appealing. It features an aluminium frame and a plastic back that resembles glass, though it’s prone to scratches. Nonetheless, it carries a unique Pixel aesthetic, making it instantly recognizable. Additionally, it strikes a balance in terms of size, maintaining a more compact profile compared to other models like the Nothing Phone One.


Addressing previous concerns, the bizarre fingerprint issue where every finger could unlock the phone has been rectified. Other noteworthy features include good stereo speakers, a robust IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, a fast USB 3 Type-C port akin to the new Pro iPhones, and comprehensive connectivity options such as support for all required 5G bands in India, Wi-Fi 6C, NFC, and Bluetooth 5.2. In sum, the Pixel 6A offers an enticing package that extends beyond its impressive camera capabilities and into the realm of software and design.

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Now, let’s address the big question: does the Pixel 6A still make sense in 2023 at a price under 25k? To put it plainly, I believe the Pixel 6A at this price point makes a lot of sense for a wide range of users. If you’ve been following us and watching our videos, you’ll know that I always emphasize the importance of the overall experience over just specs, and this is precisely where the Pixel 6A shines.

For individuals seeking a straightforward, no-nonsense smartphone or those prioritizing having the best camera in its segment, along with a top-notch software experience under 25k, the Pixel 6A is an excellent choice. You can accept the 60Hz OLED display and the Tensor chipset for what they are in light of the overall package.

However, if you happen to be a heavy gamer or someone who demands high-performance gaming capabilities, then this may not be the ideal phone for you. In that case, alternatives like the Realme GT2 or the Poco F5, albeit at a slightly higher price point, offer more performance-oriented options. At its original price of 44k, the Pixel 6A might have seemed a bit overpriced, but at 25k, it’s a much more attractive and competitive proposition.

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